The Oakland Post 2007-01-24

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Oakland Sail, Inc.


Dressed to the nines ; Cloudy cultural climate ; An inside look at sports recruiting ; OUSC to improve impact ; Tigers @ OU ; Tigers claw onto Grizzly turf ; FROM A1 ; WHAT'S ON YOUR MIND? ; Education is political; says Apple ; Jazz Man: Hank Jones honored by Board ; Students caught with marijuana ; OUSC ; News In Brief ; POLICE FILES ; College Bowl Battle Team Oakland Post takes on Team Adams in intellectual combat at OU ; Panel pushes Proposal 2 ; EDITORIAL Brangelina Middle School? No thanks ; State of the Union ; Guest Column ; Staff Column ; Car smashes into side of local Starbucks: Elderly man loses control of vehicle and hits downtown coffee shop ; LOCAL NEWS IN BRIEF ; 3 charged in killing of Iraq war veteran ; Bush defends Iraq plan to skeptical Congress; nation ; Nation in Brief ; World in Brief ; LOS ANGELES; CHICAGO COMPETE TO HOST OLYMPICS ; Postie Oscar Picks: Movie junkies make their call ; (Red) fights AIDS with fashion: (Product) Red helps consumers make a difference; still has critics ; See the world; let OU take care of the bill ; Deadlines for scholarships and grants are approaching ; QUOTE Of THE WEEK ; Precocious puberty poses serious problems ; Bush still disappoints: OU splits Series: Grizzlies douse Flame; then get burned ; Swimming Roundup ; Dressed for success: Grizzlies go 5-0 in Mid-Con with mismatched unis ; Grizzlies take off on a roll in Mid-Con: Women break scoring record against no-spark Thunderbirds ; No football? Try some rugby ; The 10 Commandments of Rugby ; OU TO BE FEATURED ON FSN DETROIT



Detroit Tigers, Non-traditional students, Affirmative action, AIDS, Study abroad program, Scholarships