The Oakland Post 2002-11-20

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Oakland Sail, Inc.


Glitch permits underclassmen to register early ; Raising awareness ; OU cages Grizz gear ; Former weapons inspector to visit OU ; Legislators cover SAFB shortfall ; 'Extravagant' week of events: Sorority hopes to gain recognition with week-long festivities ; Examining elections: Key players in this year's election gather to discuss ethics ; Getting acquainted ; MBT uses technology to fill seats ; Crime Watch ; Book money make-over ; Financial Aid money goes to Spirit Cards instead of students ; Study help is on the way ; Youth skate to new heights: Waterford's ML Zion Church builds new skate park ; Battle is on for best cell phone company ; GLOBAL GLANCE ; Global goof ; Editorial: Where's the Grizz? ; Point-Counterpoint: Are holidays too commercialized? ; Featured Columnists It all adds up ; 2002 election reflections ; Letters to the editor: Reader wonders if poll-watching is solution ; Corrections ; Men make OU history ; Runners end year ; Swimming and diving split ; NCAA loss closes 2002 ; Season finishes with two losses ; Star sitting out opener ; 2002-2003 Basketball Schedules ; OU defeats GT Express ; Students hit the stage: 'Audacious Affairs' opens at Varner tomorrow night ; Native American art visits OU ; Club ice hockey meets all goals ; THE LOW DOWN ; All over the sports map; and beyond ; Crossword Puzzle ; Grizzly Sports Calendar ; Student AFFAIRS: Updating OU



Sports Marketing, Registration, Greek letter societies, Meadow Brook Theatre, Academic Skills Center, Men's soccer, National championships, NCAA, Oakland University. The Tutoring Center