The Oakland Post 1997-04-09

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Oakland Sail, Inc.


Police investigate thefts; more damage reported ; Students concerned little with VPAA ; Board approves; Cronn to start in June ; Student animal rights activist jailed ; Annual art contest showcases photography talent on campus ; MBH employees charged with embezzling furniture ; Congress discusses lacking resources at Kresge library ; EDITOR'S VIEW: Freeing minks more harm than good ; OPINION ; Letters to the Editor Residents concerned with number of car vandalisms ; AAUP President Feels Post Acted Irresponsibly ; Gratefulness Lacking at OU ; Letters to the Editor Student claims OU Police not performing duties to standards expected: Students Allegedly Left to Inspect Damages ; Claim of Unfair Treatment ; Classic one-act comedies move into Varner Hall ; Depression is a dark demon: Attempted suicide victim fights battle towards recovery ; Senior Farewell ; Sleep deprivation major problem ; Grosse Pointe Blank hits and misses: Cusack stars in film as Michigan mobster ; OU hosts Hip Hop show ; Aikido Club masters skills ; MUSIC ; THEATRE ; ART ; OTHER ; OU EVENTS ; Golf team finishes second at Malone Invite: Pioneers move up in national rankings to No. 24 in country; No. 2 in region ; Shooting star Gregory moves up the coaching ladder ; The Kampe file at OU (1984-1997) ; Sports Kampe not offered CMU job ; Saginaw right fit for Karber ; Garrett and Lacrosse: a passion to play ; Pioneer of the Week ; Lacrosse takes MSU; 10-7 ; Pioneers sweep Hillsdale on road



Cronn, Dagmar, Vice President for Academic Affairs, Animal rights movement, Kresge Library, Budgets, Depression, Sleep