The Oakland Post 1993-03-24



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Oakland Sail, Inc.


OUSC highlights ; Relations award ; NTSA grad survey ; Committee meetings ; Dates to remember ; Graham bandaged in controversy ; Beer Lake II?? ; Change closer to reality ; Graffiti loses role as pop culture icon ; Hill House residents voice their concerns ; Emergency phones will provide security ; CRIME WATCH ; NATIONAL DIGEST ; Rival universities engage in blood feud ; Campus Spotlight ; Got a quarter? ; Congress elections stated to follow procedure ; OUSC low voter turnout elicits concern; action ; Employment outlook improving for spring ; OUR VIEW Thumbs salute ; ANOTHER VIEW Actions speak louder than empty promises ; Clinton's honeymoon over: energy needs attention ; Office of Minority Equity will help minorities; not hinder ; End racism; promote unity ; WRITE A LETTER ; Watch your use of isms ; Shabazz to visit OU on Monday ; Vandenberg's Scholar's Tower improves with age ; Features Distorted views can do harm ; Impossible ideal not for all: Experts stress that society and starvation don't mix ; Child care options in demand: Students ask OU for changes and help ; Proposed solutions ; Sports College sports: Litmus test for the true athlete ; BACK IN THE SWING: Spring season success hinges on confidence of youthful talent ; Conference powerhouse WSU represents GLIAC in Elite Eight ; Men's tennis looks for firm footing on shaky ground ; Spring training! ; Making his name known: Rochester native always striving for increased following



Graham Health Center, Graffiti, Oakland University. Student Congress, Shabazz, Betty, Eating disorders, Child care