The Oakland Post 1999-10-13



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Oakland Sail, Inc.


Suspect banned from campus ; Heat's off in four campus buildings ; OU not immune from MSU meninigitis risk ; EDITOR'S NOTE ATTENTION OU FACULTY AND STAFF ; student Affairs: UPDATING OU ; CRIME watch ; Author hopes to empower students: Provocative book title intrigues readers ; Sculpture echoes at HC ; Pride President thanks OU for successful Coming Out Day: GUEST opinion ; EDITOR'S view Safe sex; risky business ; LETTERS TO THE editor Student admits apathy ; Professional note taker defends practice; says website helps students ; local Edge: FESTIVALS & SHOWS ; LECTURES & WORKSHOPS ; SPECIAL INTEREST ; High-tech jobs need high-tech people: Oakland County faces a critical shortage of technology qualified workers ; Cyber Universities are here ; Four Day FORECAST ; MOTLEY FOOLU: Underperforming Index Funds? ; life Edge: ON CAMPUS ; CONCERTS ; COMING SOON ; OU taking part in responsibilities of sex ; fall DOWN ; Avoid the guilt; call your mother ; In the swing of things ; OU FORMS SWING DANCE CLUB THAT GATHERS TOGETHER AT 'THE VELVET LOUNGE' ; Relationships; can there be a balance? ; Gettin Muddy ; 'Best Man' makes its mark: DIRECTORS DEBUT HITS BOX OFFICE NEXT WEEK ; art - worthy of a thousand words: A tour of local galleries proves to be relaxing; informing and can help you become 'a well rounded individual.' ; Younger generation restricted to vote by Senate Bill 306 ; For Your ENTERTAINMENT ; sports Edge: SCOREBOARD ; UPCOMING GAMES ; BLACK BEARS: Men fall short in final moments of game against Bowling Green on Saturday ; Men split games ; Fast Facts ; Grizzlies on ice; will OU ever be a player in Hockeytown? ; Spotlight on the Black & Gold: JASON PERRY ; Cast off: Returning to their birth place to close their lives; salmon offer fishermen a great challenge ; Grizzlies put up concrete wall: OU Women's Soccer team hand opponents total defeat in two games last weekend ; BiZarRO ; LEX ; THE UNIVERSAL CROSSWORD



Meningitis, Echo Cognitio, LGBTQ, Information technology, Distance learning