Voting Rates and Alternative Methods of Voting: A Study on the Low Voting Rates of Young Citizens in Michigan and Possible Alternate Methods


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In this thesis I will explore political apathy in those aged 18-24 (a group that generally does not vote in large numbers) in Michigan and how to improve voting rates among those age groups. In doing so, it also delves into the myriad of potential obstructions to voting (e.g. lack of quality information about candidates, lack of time available to spend at the polls, etc.) and presents some possible solutions to these problems (e.g. providing more information about voting/candidates, potentially through schools or organizations dedicated to distributing election information, providing alternative methods/changing aspects of voting to increase voter participation, etc.) The questions tackled through this thesis are such: Why is voter participation so low in the 18-24 age group in Michigan? And, what reforms (like alternate methods, etc.) can be implemented in order to increase that turnout? The likely results and benefits go hand in hand for this project. The solutions that I am able to research and provide, if they gain traction, will hopefully provide local and state governments distinct plans that may increase voter activity. The main benefit may be an increasingly democratic society where the politicians in power more accurately represent their constituents.



Voting, Voting rates, Alternatives, Alternative voting methods, Michigan voters