The B(r)idesmaid: Writing Bisexual Representation


I wrote a play called The B(r)idesmaid, which deals with bisexuality. During the process of writing my play, I examined the current research done on the historical methods and effects of writing bisexual and queer representation by watching two influential documentaries, The Celluloid Closet and Disclosure, as well as referencing queer and feminist writers’ work on the cultural storytelling used to inform our ideas of gender and sexuality. Ultimately, I came to understand that the stories we absorb from entertainment have a strong connection to and influence over the cultural stories we live by and perpetuate as a society. Therefore, we must use an empathetic, intersectional approach to writing queer representation if we ever hope to have mainstream media with truly diverse stories and, by extension, a culture that actively celebrates diversity.



Bisexuality, Creative writing, Queer representation, LGBTQ+, Gender, Sexuality, Playwriting, Intersectionality, Storytelling