The Oakland Post 2020-09-16




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Oakland Sail, Inc.


“Black Lives Matter” march on campus: Students marched for racial justice, from Hamlin Circle to Elliott tower ; International Peace Day reaches campus community through music ; Black women experience dangerous racial bias in healthcare ; Joe Biden divides establishment democrats and progressives ; Looking back: Substance abuse programs face alcoholism ; Chick-fil-A removed from the Oakland Center ; Student veterans express concern over ROTC ; ‘International Peace Day concert’ returns ; Virtual GrizzFest showcases variety of clubs and organizations ; Students protest racial justice on campus ; Black women experience dangerous racial bias in healthcare ; Virtually welcoming international students to OU ; ‘Take Root Dance Company’ holds PD classes ; The path of most resistance ; Madden 21: A flawed game with few bright spots ; Satisfaction not guaranteed by ‘Love, Guaranteed’ ; Back on the Blacktop: Jeff Tungate returns



Racial equality, Racial prejudice, Substance abuse, Food service operations, Veterans, ROTC, Music, International students, Health care disparities, Health, Politics, Sports