College of Arts and Science Assembly Meeting Minutes February 15, 2005

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First Reading of the Proposal for a Post -Master’s Certificate Programs in Nonprofit Management and Leadership and Local Government Management. Program information: John Klemanski described the evolution of the M.P.A program and explained that after the most recent site visit for the department’s self study, the faculty decided to build a high-quality post-master’s certificate. OU governance for certificates: certificates are approved by the Assembly, graduate council, and the provost; they are sent to the Senate as information items. General Education: Dean Downing and Associate Deans Piskulich and Moore have held various discussions with the chairs and Susan Awbrey articulating concerns about process, communication, and people’s ability to have meaningful input on subcommittee decisions. Assessment: All programs received letters from the Provost expressing his pleasure/lack thereof on the program’s assessment status: the four levels of comment ranged from completely satisfactory to unacceptable.


Meeting minutes


Meeting minutes