The Oakland Post 2002-01-30

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Oakland Sail, Inc.


The EDGE ; IN THIS ISSUE ; Olympic dreams: OU student prepares for Salt Lake City competition ; Police; profiling to be discussed next week ; Valpo had no chance against ; Vision not too clear ; Congress discusses botched directories; basketball freebies ; Meningitis threat real: Experts warn students to be alert for symptoms ; More parking opens south of BIT; SEB ; College Bowl challenges minds; offers cash prize for winning team ; African-American Celebration Celebration calendar ; CRIME WATCH ; Campus lacks enthusiasm ; Weak economy slows auto industry: Enrollment in engineering down; but outlook for grads remains promising ; Candidate proposes new path for U.S. ; Computer center welcomes low-income residents ; NATIONAL NEWS: Bush addresses the Union; Salt Lake City security beefed up for the Olympics ; MOTLEY FOOLU: What's a company's capital structure? ; Editorial: Report refocuses Vision 2010 ; Letters to the Editor: Valparaiso student criticizes Post column ; College too expensive ; Rec fee not a waste ; Fee debate continues ; Student AFFAIRS: Updating OU ; This Week ; LEX ; The EDGE: ON CAMPUS ; OU alums teach in Taiwan: Sponseller; O'Connor offer insight; anecdotes ; Shows ; ET CETERA ; Professor gets involved on campus ; LEX ; Horoscopes ; Breeze provides tropical fun ; Moore falls for bad boy in cliched teen film ; Book offers humorous; satirical take on parking problems ; Poor concert etiquette must cease ; The EDGE: SCORE BOARD ; Women rebound for victory: Defense; hard work pay off ; Struggling swimmers fall in meet ; O'Shea wins regional Coach of the Year honors ; UPCOMING GAMES ; First experience brings new perspective ; OU comes up short against rival: Valpo beats Grizzlies with three pointers ; Battle ahead for men after losing two straight ; Polar Bears set ablaze by hot LSSU team ; ferndale: WHAT'S GOIN' ON IN FERNDALE



Strategic plans, Health, Eye Research Institute