The Oakland Post 1989-10-23

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Oakland Sail, Inc.


Students want explanation for Provost's quote ; Step right up ; South African discusses home ; Cockroaches make presence known - again ; Marriott donates money for meals given to poor ; Payne beats incumbent Smith in ABS elections ; Big finale ; Speaker offers tips for survival of black male ; OU instructor; reporter dies of heart attack ; News Briefs Man arrested after parking illegally ; Marriott employee arrested at work ; Dorm Notes ; Provost's quote just a matter of words in print ; Provost's quote offensive; unfair to student body ; Letters to the Editor Apartheid lecture valuable ; Students are political too ; Speaking up is first step to problem solving ; Speak Up: Four faculty members share their ideas; beliefs ; WOUX's first fundraiser of the year a success ; Jazzy ensemble mixes cultures ; Activists clashing views actually compliment; says history professor ; Tally up ; Lepley sports a new look ; What's Happening ; Spikers take Lewis; its tournament ; An October observation ; Netters get last chance in conference ; One on one ; Harriers win Pioneer Invitational ; Gannon outplays Pioneers 4-2 ; MONDAY NIGHT PICKS ; Osmun to race again next year ; Swimmers stacked again; stroke way into season



Crider, Tyrone, Nyathi, Mangedwa, South Africa, Flanigan, Brian, Journalism, Howell, Sharon, Warner, Rebecca, Khapoya, Vincent, Blankenship, Virginia Rader, Kotynek, Roy, Activism, Graham, James, Volleyball