The Oakland Post 2004-11-17

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Oakland Sail, Inc.


Search continues: OUPD has taken over investigation of network compromise ; Campuus Reaches out to commuters ; Grizzlies ousted in opener ; WEEKEND OUTLOOK ; Debate rolls on: Profs discuss election; Arafat ; T-shirts serve as an alert ; Relayers raise $44k for cancer research ; Proposed budget plans awaiting board's approval ; Police Beat ; NEWS IN SHORT: OU partners with AAA ; Preventive measures to decrease risk of cancer: Health wise ; Motown sees stars ; Cities keep quiet ; Triumph over bipolar disorder ; Group seeks tire expiration dates ; Palace starts season with new makeover ; Detroit's rebirth starts at the heart ; Global Glance: Bush nominates Powell replacement ; A time of thanks and giving ; When will the Proposal 2 debate end? ; How could anyone have voted in support of Proposal 2? ; OU branch MSUFCU is alive and well ; LETTERS TO THE EDITOR: Discussion would have saved some frustration ; Courtly games cheer gallery: Eighteenth century play is performed entirely by OU crew ; Student soldier is back in school: OU student recalls his nine months in Kuwait and Iraq after enlisting in the Army ; 'Smoke Signals' exhales humanity: After the visit of Native American film director Chris Eyre; Andrew DuPont gives you a run-down on "Smoke Signals" ; Chris Eyre speaks to OU ; PUNCH OF FUN ; Halo saga might continue ; No "Encore" for Slim Shady ; HOROSCOPES ; The Family Monster ; Crossword ; Solutions ; THE LOW DOWN ; Expectations are high for experienced squad: 2004-05 OU women's basketball preview ; Senior forward leads in her own way ; Grizzlies can't top Crusaders ; Unbeaten streak over ; OU sets pool records ; Cross Country ends season at Regionals ; Kampe looking to bring back true Oakland style: 2004-05 OU men's basketball preview ; Ishmeal lacks size; not heart



Hackers, Technology, Cancer