The Oakland Post 1988-11-28

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Oakland Sail, Inc.


Wilson loses water service for 17 hours ; Stocking the shelves ; AIDS Awareness Week begins ; Radio station back on speaker ; Judge enters plea of not guilty for soccer player ; MBT official: matinees do not worsen parking problem ; Instructors receive memo about final exam period ; Students say lobby phones invade privacy ; Car windshield damaged possibly by baseball bat ; Center asks for crutches to be returned ; Corrections ; Dorm Notes ; Microwave to be replaced soon ; University plays Scrooge in halls' holiday policy ; WOUX strike ineffective ; Academic pace loses touch with reality ; Letters to the Editor Newspaper contributes to student apathy ; Student elections need substance ; Post misrepresents Congress candidates ; BLOOM COUNTY ; Forty bucks buys a lot at registration ; The 'most' of Christmas present can be found at Meadow Brook ; Commodores' 'Rock Solid' made from sturdy funk ; Group formed to help accident victims ; Kennedy's death still a mystery ; Director blew first chance with 'Last Rites' ; MOVIE REVIEW ; What's Happening ; Lions real turkeys ; Soccer team a game from finals ; Nice workout ; Women cagers crush SHC: Pioneers unbeaten in young season ; Kampe's crew cruises 69-45 ; Women tankers stop NMU; lead GLIAC ; Monday night football picks ; No NCAA tourney for OU spikers ; Men swimmers try to shave times at Big Ten Classic after three weeks off



Wilson Hall, AIDS awareness week, Privacy, Support groups, Meyers, Dale, Kennedy assassination, Parking, Final examinations, Kennedy, John F. (John Fitzgerald), 1917-1963