The Oakland Post 2011-10-05

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Oakland Sail, Inc.


Racing to the finish line ; Hirees face hurdles ; this week ; STAFF EDITORIAL Embracing democracy ; CORRECTIONS CORNER ; Letters to the Editor: Full-time friend needed ; Begin an investigation ; Kudos for article ; Response to editorial ; Enrollment level reaches a record high ; New Hire ERIC BARRITT ; Hotel becomes housing site ; Campus Briefs: 100 Years of China's 1911 Revolution Presentation ; Students aim for workforce jump ; A lesson in fashion etiquette ; OU hosts youth music workshops ; Revised "I" grade policy more lenient on students ; Police Files: Firearm scare outside of West Vandenberg Hall ; A taste of autumn: AREA CIDER MILLS OFFER CIDER; DONUTS AND FAMILY ACTIVITIES ; Basketball adds transfer ; Hamilton; Valentine begin recovery ; LAX set for return to nationals; WCL title ; Local businesses question involvement with OU go card ; Longboarding gains speed: Long campus hikes shortened by growing longboarding trend ; Music student zealous about conducting choirs ; African art exhibit opens OU gallery season ; Magic on stage for young kids ; Top 10 things we'd like to see happen at the GOP debate ;



Brooksie Way, Hiring freezes, Enrollment, Student housing, Incomplete grades, Women's lacrosse, Oakland University Art Gallery