The Oakland Post 1994-11-30

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Oakland Sail, Inc.


Film Series ; Presidential Office Hours ; Christmas Walk ; Board of Trustees Student rep on agenda ; THE DCL & Oakland University PROPOSED MERGER: Campus would welcome DCL ; Law school examines OU ; Report rejects sex clause proposal ; CRIME WATCH ; Graffiti: It's hurting the campus ; Cross Campus Student Senate can't ban gays ; Students say no to racist graffiti ; Fink award honors 2 for race relations work ; Financial Aid says OU students are to blame ; Congress bill asks for trail restoration ; Letters To The Editor: Counselor details therapy groups ; Post reader relegates Punks as degenerates ; 'Pretentious' retort ; EDITOR'S VIEWPOINT: Committee's recommendation dissapointing; but not the final word ; A Christmas Carol ; Strollin' through the season ; Look out Arnold move over Sly: Meet OU's own Mr. Universe ; Computers aren't just for work anymore ; Pep Band tunes in to OU spirit ; What could be "Better Than Sex"? ; OU EVENTS ; ART ; CONCERTS ; COMEDY ; THEATRE ; CIPO This Week!: CIPO Programs ; Pioneer of the Week Sports ; Pioneer Dirt Box ; This Week in Pioneer Sports ; Madonna is molested: Marowelli named player of the week ; Lakers trip cagers 85-75 ; Pioneers move on in NCAA II tourney ; Lepley cracks down on crime problem ; Kampe likes life in the fast lane ; GLIAC Preview



Oakland University. Board of Trustees, Detroit College of Law, LGBTQ, Packard, Sandra, Graffiti, Financial aid, Nature trails, Meadow Brook Hall, Technology, Computers, Oakland University Pep Band, Lepley Sports Center