Sports Marketing: The Impact of Technologies within the World of Sports

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Sports are always changing right before our eyes. There are more rules added to make sports safer for the athletes, and more people are watching sports than they did in the past. One thing is certain: Social media has played, or is playing a role in, influencing these changes and impacting how sports teams (collegiate and professional) are now conducting their market outreach. By complimenting technologies such as customer relationship management (CRM) systems, social media can help sports teams reach a number of prospective fans. This is changing the way sports are being marketed. Many social media sites are taking over sports advertising and even broadcasting some sporting events. All of this is influencing the way people gather at a stadium or an arena to watch their favorite team in person. This paper looks at these trends and their impact on sports marketing.



Marketing, Sports Marketing, Sports, CRM, Salesforce, Customer relationship management, Technology