The Oakland Post 1997-11-19

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Oakland Sail, Inc.


Students unhappy with meal plan options ; OU WELCOMES ; CELEBRITIES VISIT ; MANDATORY MEETINGS ; Senate discusses OU's upcoming accreditation ; Drugs: new danger for party-goers ; CAMPUS NEWS Admissions quick to notify applicants ; Fast Facts: Christmas Toys ; CRIME WATCH: Reported Child Abuse ; First annual Taste Fest serves OU ; Younger siblings taste college life ; Wild winter arrives at OU ; EDITOR'S VIEW: Campus gripes about eating; results small; headaches big ; OPINION ; GUEST SATIRE: What sayeth the wise hunter to the young boy? ; Letters to the Editor: Former athlete criticizes coach's response ; Springer will bring show to campus ; Keep an eye out for price scanner rip-offs ; FEATURES CELEBRITES INVADE OU: Albom visits to talk about his new book ; OU EVENTS ; MUSIC ; THEATRE ; FILM ; OTHER ; BETWEEN THE LINES Writers' words are teachers' wisdoms ; Music festival brings peaceful notes to OU ; Men share their thoughts on date rape ; Society asks burning question ; SPORTS Consequences in the aftermath ; Athletes face series of mandatory alcohol and substance use classes ; Youth prevails in Men's Basketball ; Identity lost in sports industry: It just comes down to money ; PIONEER INSIDE TRACK: Mascot Update ; Cross Country ; Francis records first win at OU: OU proves too much for Shawnee State in opener ; Winter fanatics find haven in local slopes ; Student Affairs: EVENTS ; UPDATING OU ; THIS WEEK ; UPCOMING EVENTS



Food service, Drugs, Accreditation, Albom, Mitch, 1958-