The Oakland Post 2003-09-24

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Oakland Sail, Inc.


Oakland Center ; Wire-less: Phone; voicemail service will be unavailable on campus Friday and Saturday and Sunday morning ; Speech calls for action as economy declines ; OU's student handbook hits the Net ; Catering costs OU orgs ; NASA rep to lecture on fuel cells ; Sweatin' for a cause ; Police Beat ; OUSC to update site ; Senate discusses 'massive infection' ; State challenged: Spin off of "What Would Jesus Drive" campaign targets government ; Hispanic culture honored during month ; Adoption Zoo: Humane Society hosts largest event of its kind ; Global Glance ; Global goof ; Extra money: Group will receive an additional $1.2 million more in 2004 ; Letters to the Editor ; Editor's View: Don't give up history ; Point - Counterpoint: Should the Recording Industry sue music downloaders? ; Featured columnist E-mail policy simplifies communication ; Grizzlies on a roll ; Let's get what our athletes deserve ; Losing ways ended ; Three in a row for golfers ; Good week for runners ; Second win is elusive ; First loss for tennis ; Grizzly Calendar ; Sorority and fraternity life ; Healthy eating alternatives for students on the go ; 'Temptations' will have you dancing in the aisles: Film Stars Cuba Gooding Jr. and Beyonce Knowles ; A Perfect Circle takes the next step ; Crossword ; THE LOW DOWN ; OU Says: Who is your favorite band or music artist?



Oakland Center, Telephone service, Russi, Gary, Student Handbook, Food service operations, Hammerle lectures, Technology, Hispanic culture, Greek letter societies