Pulse Magazine (Spring 2010)

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Crittenton Hospital and School of Nursing start pilot program focusing on relationship-based care with students, practicing nurses, and instructors. Crittenton CNO Kathleen Van Wagoner advocates relationship-based care and the partnership with Oakland University. Instructor Claudia Grobbel explains how caring should be integrated into the nursing curriculum. Nurses look into motivational interviewing to hear from patients about healthy behaviors and decision making for them. A study involving HIV mothers developing strategies for coping with their condition as well as develop more positive behavior since being diagnosed. Service project involving taking nursing students into OB/GYN offices. The Riverview Institute of Oakland University tries to help meet the demand of healthcare professionals in the state and nation. Cynthia Taueg, VP for Community health at St. John Health, talks about her focus about health and community since completing her nursing degree in 1971. OU grad brings new ideas to gerontological nursing.



Nursing, Crittenton Hospital Medical Center, Relationship-based care, Caring, Grobbel, Claudia, Motivational interviewing, HIV, Coping, Taueg, Cynthia, Gerontological nursing