The Oakland Post 2017-09-27

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Oakland Sail, Inc.


10 Years of the Brooksie: Runners of all stripes enter the Tenth Annual Brooksie Way ; OUWB Life. Med student describes lifestyle surrounding studies ; Parking. More parking added to south end of campus ; Space Station. The ISS embarks on new research 220 miles above earth ; Looking back: The end of Pryale Hall ; Students critical of both Trump; media; journalism poll shows: Only 17% of students said the president is concerned about things that matter most to them ; The Extended Stay America vacates in record time ; Final grade for Tutoring Center: A+: OU's academic resource receives SI certification from the UMKC ; Prepping students for the career fair and beyond ; Oakland University aids veterans in their next mission to acclimate ; Police Files: Not a gun; but a BB gun ; Oh; what could have been ; A Shinola watch ; Have a chat and "Ask Ora" at student forum: Taking place in the Oakland Center; students are welcome to join the flow of conversation ; Org spotlight: ABS: President Woods-McSwain encourages students to join and network ; A day in the file of an OUWB student ; Parking: The dos and don'ts of parking ; 700 additional spots added to campus: commuters and residents have problems finding parking ; The tenth annual Brooksie Way ; SOPE takes students to Belle Isle State Park ; Ending the stigma around mental health ; See the International Space Station in Rochester Hills ; Trump and Un: A tale of two dictators: President Trump and Kim Jong Un's rivalry is a story that you can cry to; or even better; laugh! ; Jake Gyllenhaal gives "strong" performance in new drama film: Based on a true story; Jeff Bauman represents inspiration for people of Boston Massachusetts ; Upcoming Fall concerts ; Oakland Integrated Dance and cheer team: Where are they now?: Learn about the team who brings school spirit to Oakland ; School spirit wins the game ; Oakland club sports highlight: baseball ; Softball wins first games with new head coach



Brooksie Way, Pryale Hall, Tutoring, Veterans, Pescovitz, Ora Hirsch, Oakland University. William Beaumont School of Medicine, Parking, Grizzly Motion