The Oakland Post 2008-07-16

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Oakland Sail, Inc.


Find Your Destination: The Travel Issue ; THIS WEEK 7.16.08 ; STAFF EDITORIAL Tuition increase makes sense; but students deserved some input ; The ins and outs of OU's rising tuition: Student Vice President calls for united front of OU students to help out in Lansing ; OU increases tuition: Board OKs 6.29 percent increase for undergrads; five percent for grads ; How do we rank? ; OU offers four-day work week for staff ; CSA to plan trips available to students: Mt. Pleasant; Chicago and Toronto among the destinations also sponsored by Travel America ; You think you need a vacation?: After a long year; faculty at OU look for ways to unwind for the summer ; POLICE FILES ; Physical graffiti ; OU provides advisory role for new charter school: New Montessori school to open in Royal Oak will give OU students hands-on learning ; The Great Lakes escape: The perfect summer getaway is closer than you may think ; Kwame text messages concealed ; NEWS BRIEFS ; If you could see anything in the world; what would it be? ; What was your most memorable vacation? ; Road trip tips for the traveler: Things everyone should do to get the best out of a road trip ; OU professor pushes students to be 'original' ; Summer vacation or occupation? ; Kampe's windfall class: Serbian center Milutinovic one of six acclaimed men's basketball recruits ; McAuliffe reaches third round at Moors Club ; OU hoops schedule announced ; Club sports display widespread tastes: Oakland students partake in many games that enjoy more popularity overseas ; Overseas softball adventure: Golden Grizzlies Owen and MacDonald lead USA International Softball team to second place finish in the Czech Republic ; POST GAME ; GRIZZ OF THE WEEK ; Trips in one tank ; THE ITINERARY ; A few cheap flicks ; Lessons learned: REVIEW ; IT'S SHOW TIME ; Editor leaves baggage behind ; Detroit lets freedom ring - in June: Fireworks on the river explode 11 days before Independence Day ; International court charge Sudan leader ; N W BRIEFS ; General Motors to lay off more salaried workers ; Israel approves prisoner swap with Hezbollah ; Obama outrage at New Yorker



Oakland University. Student Congress, Oakland University. Board of Trustees, Tuition, Flexible work arrangement