The Oakland Post 2006-02-22

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Oakland Sail, Inc.


FINANCIAL AID Oakland trumps ACE: Applications for loans increase ; STUDENT CONGRESS Committee investigates charges against legislator ; DETROIT 200 Heated remarks exchanged over threatened zoo closure ; Behind the Veil ; Author recounts civil rights plight ; Students rock for change ; Profs discuss cars; Super Bowl effects ; STUDENT CONGRESS Financial Aid still hot topic for Congress ; POLICE FILES ; UP AND COMING ; he said; she said ; WORLD: 22 people die in car bomb in Iraq ; NATION: Economic indicator rises in January ; BUSH MAKES STOP IN MICHIGAN ; THE PUBLIC'S RIGHT TO KNOW ; EDITORIAL Yes to a roll-call vote ; LETTERS TO THE EDITOR OUSC's role is to represent; not dictate ; Those legislators who speak up; like Mersol-Barg; have my support ; Legislator's view into important issues ; EULOGY ; SAFETY Study finds Detroit crime comparable to other cities ; IN BRIEF Plane caught in no-fly zone ; Coming up ; MOVIE REVIEW Disney's 'Eight Below' rises above ; Recommended: RESTAURANT REVIEW ; Downtown Detroit ; Push to find out sooner when cancer may spread to the brain ; Local athletes Torino update ; he said; she said ; HEALTH Diabetics should take control ; Around the Mid-Con ; BASKETBALL Women's home streak snapped ; WOMEN'S BASKETBALL Kidd's energy and hustle offset lack of experience ; SPORTS: Men's swimming wins seventh consecutive title



Financial aid, Religions, Honey, Michael K., Civil rights, Michigan--Detroit, Diabetes, Health