The Oakland Post 1988-02-08

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Oakland Sail, Inc.


Williams' example inspires campus ; I-75 roadwork affects nearby commuters ; Surgeon general tries student AIDS testing ; Meredith stresses family values ; Oakland has highest ratio of females to males in state ; NEWS BRIEFS AHC president appointed ; Student arrested for drunk driving ; Educator lectures ; Soapy touched students staff with warmth ; Letters to the Editor If media appears discriminatory do something about it ; Letter writer mixed freedom of speech with racial criticism ; Racism not limited to 'KKK-style' acts ; School spirit 'rejuvenates' game ; New admission criteria last blow; says education major ; BLOOM COUNTY ; Scoping remains popular activity ; Double feature acts please audience ; Names of buildings reveal school's history ; Students work together to make 'Crimes of the Heart' a success ; Setting lighting costume crews work to last minute despite early planning ; Condoms offer STD prevention birth control ; Whats Happening ; I changed my mind ; Addition's tricky friend ; Addition's tricky friend ; A real oxymoron ; The profit motive ; Peterbuilt knees ; Soo Lakers humble hoop team ;Tankers coast to victory in easy 141-70 rout of Ferris ; Swimmer Cleland wishes he were hoop star ; Gamecocks win big ; Pioneers whip Tech Huskies as toilet tissue rains on gym floor ; Pioneers whip Tech Huskies as toilet tissue rains on gym floor ; Lady Bulldogs can't keep up with Pioneers.



Road construction, Williams, G. Mennen, 1911-1988, Michigan Department of Transportation, Koop, Edwin, AIDS, Spoke, Meredith, Traffic, O'Dowd Hall, Varner Hall, Wilson Hall, Condoms, Sexually transmitted diseases