The Oakland Post 1998-01-14

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Oakland Sail, Inc.


HEALTH CARE ; CELEBRATE HISTORY ; WINNING SPLASH ; OU faculty lacks diversity ; Crossword puzzle mania ; Student reports armed robbery on campus ; New assistant OC director appointed ; Evidential hearing set to dismiss evidence ; CAMPUS NEWS OU to crack down on health costs: MUCH hopes remainder of money will go to education ; Fast Facts ; CRIME WATCH: Resident Reports Assault ; Metro Vending Service offers larger selection at greater price ; Congress book swap attracts students ; OU offers endorsement for autism; distance learning ; EDITOR'S VIEW: Innocent until proven guilty applies to all ; OPINION ; Letters to the Editor Post's competancy questioned following publication: Student claims Crime Watch put privacy in jeopardy ; Article viewed irresponsible; unethical for reporter's tactics ; Published article; staff; editor deemed irresponsible for article ; FEATURES: With Martin Luther King Jr. Day observed and guests galore; 1998's celebration may be the best ever ; Why do my books cost as much as my classes? ; OU EVENTS ; MUSIC ; THEATRE ; FILM ; OTHER ; THE REEL DEAL 'Wag the Dog' will make viewers stop and paws ; New MBT play crackles with energy ; Former OU speaker survives crash ; SPORTS: Swimming and Diving end their first home meet since the suspension lift with ; Hoops clench victory in second half: Men get their first road win of the season; women jump to a 12-2 record ; Mascot nominees rightfully growl at Pioneer Pete ; PIONEER INSTANT REPLAY: Basketball ; Swimming and Diving ; Out with the old team goals; it's a new year for OU athletics ; Student opinions point to shaky future for mascot ; And the band played on ; Spotlight on the Black & Gold ; Jamie Ahlgren Women's Basketball ; Student Affairs: EVENTS ; UPDATING OU ; UPCOMING EVENTS



Faculty, Diversity, Abraham, Sharon, Fekel, Richard, Oakland Center, Health care benefits, Autism, African American Celebration Month, Mascots, Men's basketball, Ahlgren, Jamie, Women's basketball