The Oakland Observer 1965-11-19

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The Oakland Sail, Inc.


University Chorus To Sing Oratorio ; Campus Co-ed Is Attacked ; OU Senior Cuts "Talkies" Shows "Silent" Collection ; Students - Faculty Circulate Petitions ; Brother Antoninus - Faculty Readings Highlight Festival ; Dorm Council Donates $75 ; O.U. "Committee for 685" Protests Governor's Veto ; Metropolitan Opera Announces Detroit Repertoire for May '66 Performances ; Placement People Plan New Careers Program ; Placement ; Dances Switch ; Editorial 685 Well On Its Way ; "Good Old Days" Gone ; US. Fights War For U.S. ; Comment on Issues of Interest to the University Community: Pickwick Protests ; 'In Group' In Hole ; Lonely Servicemen Want Home Mail ; Enchiridion ; Ship of Fools A Titanic Voyage ; Vietnam Committee Hosts War Debate ; Health Service To Grow ; Bottle Bust Broke ; Pool Crew Starts Anew Next Week ; Fitz Tops Clansmen ; All-Stars Chosen ; Two Teams Undefeated ; Sports Briefs ; Birmingham Club Sponsors County Poetry Competition ; Nureyev Is Featured Artist In "Royal Ballet" Film ; Pollard To Speak At OU On Drugs ; McGowan Likes Downing's ; Library Committee Takes Questions Gives Answers



State funding, Student Library Committee, Budget appropriations, Varner, Durward B., 1917-1999, Oakland University. Graham Health Center, Kresge Library