The Oakland Post 1995-11-08



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Oakland Sail, Inc.


Juries Makes Judgement Verdict: Wang attackers guilty: Juries find Barton and Knight guilty of beating Professor Wang last March ; OU community approves of court's verdict ; Radio ads increase enrollment totals ; Paige stands mute at arraignment; not guilty plea entered on charges: OU secretary to go before Judge Nelson for preliminary hearing on embezzlement charges ; Campus News Phone registration had smooth sailing ; Justice served in Wang trial verdicts ; Stereo and speakers stolen from car: CRIME WATCH ; Rec Center costs higher than expected ; Say Cheese: Camera to help capture criminals: Camera to focus on lots outside of Vandenherg Hall ; NEWS EVENTS ; Opinion ; Letters to the Editor Former OUSC Financial Assistant rebukes Post story: Contradiction ; TSA continue to find fault with Rec Center ; greeks shown positive light ; EDITOR'S VIEW Our story: Happenings at the Post ; Features Prohibition: not in newspapers ; Common tips for avoiding credit card debt ; Credit cards: help or hindrance ; When the wall came down ; Stepping out: on the catwalk ; Post prison life ; Sports Finale: weekend play signals end of soccer season ; heads ; Runner qualifies for Nationals ; Pioneer of the Week ; The Pioneer sports week ; IM sports calendar ; Karen 111: 1366 confirmed ; Wright State eats OU's wake ; IM soccer championship ;



Crime, Radio, Enrollment, Registration