Minutes of the Meeting of the University Senate, October 17, 2002

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Studio Art, Bachelor of Arts proposal. 1st reading. Probation & dismissal policy-revision. Approved. Cooley Law School-update & naming of OU committees. Nursing, School of-Constitution. 1st reading. Academic Computing Committee-name change. 1st reading. University Committee on Undergraduate Instruction-change in way Chair is named. 1st reading. Academic Standing and Honors Committee-change in charge. Approved. Admissions & Financial Aid Committee-membership change. Approved. Budget Review Committee, Senate-membership change. Approved. Assessment Committee-membership change. Approved. Vision Statement-appointment of committee. Approved.


Minutes of the October 17, 2002 Meeting of the University Senate


Studio Art, Bachelor of Arts proposal, Probation and dismissal policies, Cooley Law School, Oakland University. School of Nursing, Oakland University. Senate. Academic Computing Committee, Oakland University. Senate. University Committee on Undergraduate Instruction, Oakland University. Senate. Academic Standing and Honors Committee, Oakland University. Admissions and Financial Aid Committee, Oakland University. Senate. Budget Review Committee, Oakland University. Senate. Assessment Committee, Vision statements, Constitutions, SON