Patient Specific Functional Scale Scores: changes during physical therapy intervention


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Introduction: Hip dysplasia is a developmental malformation of the hip joint where the hip socket does not fully cover the femoral head or where the femoral head has deformities. Physical therapy is often incorporated both before and after a surgical procedure to manage pain and increase function. Purpose: This research aims to track the progression of the Patient Specific Functional Scale (PSFS) scores as reported by young adults diagnosed with hip dysplasia undergoing PT. Methods: Upon Institutional Review Board (IRB) approval, a comprehensive retrospective chart review was carried out. Data extracted from charts included de-identified demographic information and the PSFS scores for initial evaluation and each reevaluation. Data was sorted by the following groups: pre-operative (PRE) and post-operative (POST), total, and by working definitions of activity categories. Data was analyzed to calculate the average change per progress report (PR) per patient, the total average progress reported from therapeutic intervention, the average improvement per PR per labeled category, and the average improvement over therapeutic intervention per category of activity as reported by the PSFS. Results: The GB group changes were +0.773/+2.593 (PRE/POST), +0.702/+1.884 for ADLs, +1.000/+2.867 for TS, -1.330/+2.625 for SS, +0.750/+1.911 for ST/F, and 0.000/+3.542 for Misc. out of 10 points per PR. Discussion: Eleven of 12 categorized PSFS score reports displayed clinically significant improvement through therapeutic intervention; however, the value of change was greater for the post-operative group. This data is consistent with the surgical views of Yilar et al. and Gala et al. that PAO surgery is a viable and effective method to manage symptomatic hip dysplasia. Conclusion: The PSFS is an accurate and valid functional scale that can report on what the patient deems important to them. The patients reporting saw an excellent improvement with therapeutic intervention, especially post-PAO, as reported by the PSFS.



PSFS, Patient Specific Functional Scale Scores, Physical therapy