The Oakland Post 2018-02-28

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Oakland Sail, Inc.


Spirits High on the Blacktop: Men's Basketball prevails against Milwaukee after honoring senior players ; Safety Ranking. Oakland campus rated second safest campus in U.S. ; Tuition explained. Tuition is on the rise and how the money is spent ; Black Panther. Marvel's new movie sparks hope for more diverse media ; 'Never Again': Parkland students creating movement for change ; Adviser of the Year award: April Thomas-Powell is celebrated after 10 years of advising students in the School of Nursing program ; Community engagement boosts campus safety ranking to second ; Alumni and faculty add value to Oakland County: Golden Grizzlies make the Elite 40 Under 40 for their accomplishments ; Students awarded with Gjergj Kastrioti Scholarship: Scholarship for students of Albanian descent has awarded over $100,000 since creation in 1999 ; Police Files: The caller that needs to cough ; Slander threats ; The stalker ex ; Former professor helps students take 'Next Step' ; A mother and a college student ; VP of University Advancement hired ; Oakland alumnus takes on automotive in Silicon Valley ; Top 10 Highest Paid Administration ; Rise of Tuition ; Black Panther is a movie for the ages ; Natalie Portman shimmers in thrilling new film "Annihilation" ; Vance Joy's new album is everything you would expect ; The controversial case of Israel's capital ; Remembering Black History and the Peanut Man: George Carver overcame adversity despite facing continuous rejection on account of his race ; Oakland defeats Milwaukee on senior night ; Horizon League ; Tournament preview ; Injury causes Walker to miss out on season ; Club sport spotlight: Swimming club ; An Open Letter on #Freethespringbreak



Tuition rates, Awards, Advising, Community engagement, Alumni, Faculty, Scholarships, Non-traditional students