The Oakland Post 2017-08-02

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Oakland Sail, Inc.


Grizzlies Abroad: Four Oakland journalism students travel to Greece and Israel and share their experiences ; Ringing Bells. Oakland's own Dennis Curry to play the carillon tower in concert series ; Business Analytics. New graduate certificate draws students with computing and business skills ; Konya Stays. OU Athletics director's contract is extended into 2022 ; Looking back at the Detroit Race Riots ; Summer Carillon Concert Series review: old meets new ; Oakland among the safest colleges in U.S. ; Technology tips from incoming freshman: Laptops have become increasing essential to college students; it is important to check for specific features upon purchase ; New business analytics certificate broadens education programs ; Youth summer camp at Meadow Brook Hall ; Police Files: Breaking into an old trailer ; They did it for the "Insta" ; Parent wants an NBA star ; The importance of being obnoxious abroad: The Fourth of July: How to celebrate America's birthday in a foreign country before getting arrested ; Go Abroad!: Building bridges with the refugees ; A day at the dig in Israel ; The Yazidi of the Greek refugee crisis ; American College of Greece in Athens welcomes displaced students to higher education ; Busting food myths with OU's Nutrition Society: Nutrition Society Vice President Rachel Golaszewski helps tell fact from fiction about food and health ; Changing stories one mentor at a time ; Broadway producer sits in director's chair for new film ; Your guide to summer cons: A seasoned convention veteran rates the best and worst places to get your cosplay on in a roundup of cons happening in the summer months ; Trump; Travel and Terror in today's political climate ; From a Golden Grizzly to an international champion: Women's basketball guard; Taylor Jones; joins the U.S. Virgin Islands National team for the summer ; Meet the new softball coach; Dorsey-Walker goes pro ; OU Night at Comerica Park in Detroit: Event organized by Comerica staff: An evening of Tigers baseball; camaraderie and Golden Grizzly pride ; IUPUI joins the Horizon League ; Konya signs new five-year contract: After three years; Oakland University's Director of Athletics is looking forward to advancing the Golden Grizzlies



Michigan--Detroit, Carillons, Safety, Study abroad, Nutrition, Mentoring