The Oakland Post 1994-04-06

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Oakland Sail, Inc.


Board faces overhaul ; Republican Party! ; Meetings at OU ; Fire; DCL questions ; Help save a life ; T-Time ; Group assessed library's merits during evaluation earlier this week ; Students report indecent actions at Kresge library ; Rickstad to speak for student on Board ; New plans ease payment pains ; CRIME WATCH ; Letters to the Editor: Gay lifestyle a preference not a choice of evil ones ; Ignorance underscores homophobic behavior ; Survey says: "Are you satisfied with the services at Kresge library?" ; OUR VIEW Board set to lose major players to UM; expired terms ; Students find a kind ear at Listening Post ; Gaze through haze while 'toke' is ablaze ; Nimble netters nix Northwood ; Cook hopes she can thaw game before guests arrive ; Sports Pioner of the Week ; THE PIONEER DIRT BOX ; This week in Pioneer Sports ; Pioneers hit rut on road to Saginaw ; Golf '94 DeWulf opens spring with a stacked deck ; Mediocrity does have its benefits



Oakland University. Board of Trustees, Accreditation, Kresge Library, Tuition