The Oakland Post 2013-11-27

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Oakland Sail, Inc.


SPECIAL THANKS ; CANNED RESPONSE ; BLECH FRIDAY ; this week PHOTO of the WEEK: CELEBRATING CULTURE ; on the web ; BY THE NUMBERS: Black Friday stats taken from Christian Science Monitor ; Perspectives STAFF EDITORIAL The season of giving (less) is upon us ; Perspectives EDITORIAL Mystery Librarian - the longest tale ; Opening up the mystery of the largest book ever published ; Dog-gone it; take care of your pets ; Pet ownership is more than just providing food and shelter for an animal ; Campus Writing letters of thanks: Scholarship-bound students applaud generous OU donors ; Coming together for autism: Students organize first Fall Festival for Autism awareness ; Campus Tis the season for giving thanks and helping those in need: HCSA and ALD are inviting students to participate in their canned food and sock drive for the Baldwin Center ; Campus Student Profile of the Week: Brooke Will ; Grizzlies on the Prowl: "What's the stupidest thing you've bought?" ; POLICE FILES: Car vandalized in parking lot ; MORE ONLINE ; Campus OU no longer reaching beyond the ordinary: Oakland's ad campaign employs a new catchphrase: Be extraordinary ; What do you think of OU's newest commercial? ; Campus Crossing the globe for class credit: Students study archaeology in Israel; gain 'world-widening' experience ; Sports Skateboarders are back to the grind: The skateboard club finds a new place to ride ; Workin' it on the runway: The Fashion House features local designers; models at fashion show ; Mouthing Off SATIRE



Fashion, Animal welfare, Scholarships, Autism, Student activities, Charity, Marketing, Study abroad, Oakland University. Student Organizations