The Oakland Post 2005-08-31

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Oakland Sail, Inc.


Tuition up; spirits down ; OU star turns pro ; KATRINA: Body count rises along Gulf Coast; Storm's effects can be felt in Ml ; Tuition increases throughout state ; Changed refund policy promises more money: Students have 2 weeks to receive a full refund ; ATMs come with price ; POLICE FILES ; SpiritCards offer a new looks and features ; Fall-Winter Budget is approved ; UP AND COMING ; Students walk to MBH ; WXOU transmitter damaged by lightening bolt ; NEWS IN SHORT: OU Day at Comerica ; First-Year Transition workshops held ; Renovated SFH now open for classes ; OU partners with Macomb Community College ; Fly away to Florida ; Senior applications for graduation ; Vanessa Carlton cancels show at OU ; E-newsletter informs incoming freshmen ; Gas prices around OU continue to climb ; Doctor; nurse shortages mean longer waits ; Officials confirm four human West Nile virus cases ; Low-budget horror films scores big in Canton ; EDITORIAL State funding flatlines causing OU to increase tuition ; State law goes to far ; Student Opinion ; Make the best of your college years ; Can machines improve old-fashioned CPR? ; NATION ; WORLD ; EyeToy puts you in the game ; Corvette's rev up at Canterbury ; Life is full of choices ; Simpson's summer movie should stay 'Undiscovered' ; 'Brothers' disappoint audiences in a 'Grimm' tale ; Renaissance popular in 21st Century: In it's 26th year; the Michigan Renaissance Festival attracts guests with its authentic costumes; skits and feasts ; Take a memo: admin pros make comeback ; Looking for the perfect notebook? Dell; IBM; Apple have laptops for all your back-to-school needs ; Budgeting for back to school ; Students may be at risk for meningitis ; Caffeine addicts; beware ; Caffeine Quiz ; THE SPORTS Slate ; Samdal leads OU to 2-0 start ; Men's soccer picked second



Oakland University. Student Congress, Budgets, Meadow Brook Hall, Oakland University. Student Organizations. WXOU, Health