The Oakland Post 2007-04-18

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VT ; Sex offenders living on campus; How you can inform yourself and stay safe ;Go out the environmentally friendly way with green burials: Market yourself the green way ; Check out our preview for the second annual Earth Day Expo at OU; We've got a full schedule ; THIS WEEK ; TIMELINE OF EVENTS ; OU feels grief; wonders 'what if?': The unprecedented violence at Virginia Tech Monday left more than 30 people dead and just as many reported injured. Find out below how OU reacted to the news. ; In Loving Memory ; Sex offenders free to roam college campuses ; Semester ends; OUSC plans begin ; Budget proposals ; Renovation plans for the Oakland Center ; OU now offers international relations major: Political science department adds faculty and classes to support program ; POLICE FILES ; Residence hall rights: Can resident assistants raid your room? ; EDITORIAL The future is already here; and changes are imminent ; EARTH TALK: Questions & Answers About Our Environment ; Get to know your student congress: New weekly column aims to connect OUSC with student body ; Your body's (green) life after death: Green burials offer an eco-friendly alternative to traditional methods ; Mother Nature; CEO: While an increasing number of companies embrace green marketing practices; OU students and professors remain skeptical ; Quick tips for the aspiring graduate ; What's your favorite nature spot?: WHERE DO YOU LIKE TO GO TO GET SOME GREEN? ; Landfill looms over city: Auburn Hills landfill nearing maximum capacity ; Rochester receives funds for new trees ; Movin' and groovin': Southeastern Michigan prepares to celebrate National Dance Week ; LOCAL NEWS IN BRIEF GM seeks to fill high-tech jobs ; Hot or not? We decide ; The Post sports staff ranks the best and the worst of 2006-2007: Riding off into the sunset ; It takes two ; SOFTBALL One for the road ; Lucky number seven: Baseball goes 7-1 at home this season ; Imus; no longer; in the morning ; Imus'firing reveals a bigger problem than just racism ; A breath of fresh sulfur dioxide ; Expedited Excursion ; TIMBALAND: Shock Value ; Not just for inspirational office art: The Ansel Adams exhibit develops at the D1A ; Green Groupies ; Earth Day Expo Schedule off Events ; Second annual Earth Day Expo at OU to bring out the green in all of us: Lt. Gov. John Cherry among those slated to speak; plus a tribute to Earth Day co-founder and labor union leader Walter Reuther



Oakland University. Student Congress, New degree programs, International Relations BA, Alfred G. and Matilda R. Wilson Award, Residence halls, Environment, Careers, Reuther, Walter, 1907-1970