The Oakland Post 1992-03-25

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Oakland Sail, Inc.


Information system ; Campus Clean up ; English Club ; Alann Steen ; Job Fair ; The Race for the Cure ; Summer hours for OU staff run out after 11 years ; DeCarlo concerned about student needs; staff is angry over decision ; Conference allocation bill vetoed ; Mural depicts diversity ; Packard contract still under negotiation ; Student pressure leads to review and suspension reversal ; Privatizing costs jobs ; Outsourcing postponed until May ; CRIME: OUR VIEW Search found much more than Packard ; YOUR VIEW THE LEADER OF THE FREE WORLD'S LATEST POSITION ON TAXES ; Safety; development need to be considered in Squirrel deal ; IS ANYBODY OUT THERE? ; Search coverage kept all informed ; Check bouncing fiasco missing elements of scandal: NATIONAL VIEW ; Magic moments realized ; Comic book engineers awareness ; Pin-Bot beckons stressed students ; Columbus faces mock trial at University of Minnesota ; Professor would like to write women back into history ; Panel selects Sidney Fink Award winners ; Wares and Stares ; Spring sports have omissions ; Baseball swings into spring ; Golfers have high hopes ; Netters take third in first tourney



Meadow Brook Music Festival, Meadow Brook Theatre, Staff, Women's history month