The Oakland Post 2019-01-09

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Oakland Sail, Inc.


Stay Cozy Grizzlies ; Top Ranking. Environmental Health and safety program among top 25 in US ; Transfer agreement. MCC and OU work to ease transfer process for students in health fields ; Sticking to it. Strategies on how to keep common New Year's resolutions ; With change; comes progress ; Looking back: The Y2K bug and the end of the world: At the start of the new millennium; people feared a computer virus would be a sign of the apocalypse ; Environmental health and safety program ranked highly in country ; Police Files: A bloody power too incident ; A nasty spill on the hill ; New transfer agreement with Macomb Community College: The recent arrangement between MCC and Oakland University will grant opportunity for transfer student pre-social work and health-related fields ; Mixed opinions regarding new grading system: GPA's are now computed on a four-point scale; students with a numeric grade that does not transfer to a letter grade are advised to meet with an adviser ; Michael Wadsworth hired as Dean of Students ; Paralegal program graduate finds success beyond OU ; Herculeze Technologies is the Uber of furniture movers ; How to keep your New Year's resolutions ; Bioethics experts discuss Chinese gene editing incident: Researcher bypassed ethical standards by prematurely experimenting on humans ; Walls do not work: There is evidence to prove it ; Sandra Bullock stuns in Netflix thriller ; 'Bird Box' ; Oakland loses first Horizon League game vs Wright State ; Women's basketball defeats Detroit Mercy Titans 74-67 ; Men's basketball defeats No. 1 Northern ;Kentucky ; New year, new you: realistic resolutions for 2019



Transfer students, Environmental health and safety, Macomb Community College, Student activities