The Oakland Post 2008-03-26

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Oakland Sail, Inc.


Upping the Ante ; Campaigning Beyond Posters and Pamphlets ; THIS WEEK 3.26.08 ; STAFF EDITORIAL Kwame; take a tip from Spitzer: cut and run! ; Declare Hillary winner of Michigan's primary: Mich.'s Democratic Party leader must demand its delegates be seated in order to maintain party support ; Election evolution spawns new tactics ; Students protest 5 years in Iraq ; Author warns 'End of America' ; Play resurrected after 43 years; now at Varner ; Kilpatrick press conference in faces ; Kwame refuses to resign ; NEWS IN BRIEF ; What's the best concert you have ever attended? ; They're gonna make a big star out of me ; Why not Oakland?: With all the Cinderella teams advancing in the NCAA tournament over the past few years; is it time to question why the Golden Grizzlies haven't followed suit? ; Synchronized Skating club wraps up season: Inaugural year a success for OU ; Softball looking ahead to the Westerwinds ; OU to take on WIU this week ; OU baseball ready for marks in win column ; Spring menswear affair: Business and casual attire have a fling this season ; What's in your closet? ; Pirates and shipwrecks make way to Detroit ; Fan favorites return to TV ; The writings on the stall: Former OU student publishes humor book about bathroom graffiti ; Handling your taxes ; Cowboy joy: A truck and a twang away ; Sometimes the best endorsement is to shut up ; Missile parts sent to Taiwan in error by U.S. ; N W BRIEFS ; Capital of Rebel-helf island captured by African Union ; Bush says 4,000 US deaths in Iraq will 'merit the sacrifice' ; Protester disrupts Olympic ceremony: Demonstration against China not covered in Chinese media



Oakland University. Student Congress