The Oakland Post 2007-03-07



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Oakland Sail, Inc.


Taking his team to primetime and beyond ; Kampe: The Man in Black ; THIS WEEK ; Keepers of the dream: Prestigious award given to dedicated students ; ESPN personality offers insight to students ; Bookstore breakdown ; Letters come highly recommended ; OU coaches cook for a cause ; Students promote better health through food; fun and massages ; EDITORIAL Americans have a drunken view of addiction and it's past the legal limit ; CORRECTIONS CORNER ; HFCS-free: Real food for real people: Why you may want to consider an alternative eating style ; Sexual health ; OAKLAND SOCIOLOGY MAJOR Sarah Carleton's: playlist of the week ; What's in your cup? ; OU experience helps Hackel ; How it unfolded ; What's next ; LOCAL NEWS IN BRIEF ; 2 dead after ambulance crash in U.P. ; ANOTHER HEARTBREAKER ; UNDERDOG VICTORY ; Oakland hockey bites and kicks their way from the bottom to the very top ; Sun sets on the season; but the future is bright ; Women's basketball season ends in Tulsa tourney ; Below you'll find an interview with Greg Kampe that took place the day before the tournament began.Check out www.oaklandpostsports. for final thoughts on the tournament from Kampe and many others. ; Ghost Rider: A film with the potential to redeem Nicholas Cage's career ; Black Snake Moan: Christina Ricci in white cotton panties ; 300: This isn't Tony Curtis's Spartan Flick ; This place should get a crown: Noble Fish at a college student price ; This land is your land; this land is; uh; your land ; Beware of the Ides of March ; A crazy February can only mean one thing - a crazier March



Kampe, Greg, Men's basketball, Keeper of the Dream awards, Oakland University. Bookstore, Food, Charity, Nutrition, Hackel, Mark, Men's hockey, Oakland University. Student Organizations. Club Sports