The Oakland Observer 1967-01-27

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The Oakland Sail, Inc.


Students Should Unite For Voice In OU Affairs ; "Loves Labour's Lost" Meadow Brook Plays Shakespeare ; Booze Party Prompts Administrative Actions ; Police Undertake Movie Censorship ; Oakland Female Stabbed: Condition Listed As Fair ; Editorial Page The Oakland Observer: Faculty Senate Procrastinates ; Dramatics ; Academics ; Letters: The Observer Controversy ; Work Begins On Semester Plans Commuters Outline Goals ; Fitzsimmons Initiates Experimental Films ; Grants Total $30,000 ; Slave Sale ; California Regents Fire Kerr ; Campus Calendar ; Average Frosh Student Mind (?) Rated ; New Course To Examine Many Aspects Of Poverty ; Policies Called 'Lies' U.S. War Denounced in Film ; Peace Corps Recruiters On Campus Tuesday ; Oakland Math Professor Teaches Students By Phone From Texas ; SPRING CLEANING ; WARNING ; Norm Harper ; Maybury Grand ; Shifts Come In Faculty ; Course Offered In Horse-Shoeing ; Indoor Track ; Oscar The Oracle Athletic Almanac Confirmed ; Contuse To Award Generous Prizes For New Materials ; SPORTS



Activism, Commuter Council