The Oakland Post 2000-02-02

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Oakland Sail, Inc.


FAST facts ; New ceremony breaks tradition: Students petition against new graduation location ; NCA report evaluates OU ; Media pros share experience glance ; Amendment to change Senate: Vote to remove student seat awaiting BOT okay ; student Affairs: UPDATING OU ; CRIME watch ; African-American Celebration Activities: "Celebrating the African Influence in the America's" ; Diversity group discusses inequality ; Black star presents one woman show: Adilah Barnes honors African-American women ; Business etiquette dinner teaches students proper behavior ; Flu case closed: Graham Health Center helps prepare students for influenza ; SEHS building in planning ; Student asks Senate to reconsider move ; EDITOR'S view: 'Stars and Bars' shows true 'Southern hospitality' ; local Edge: Festivals & Shows ; LECTURES & WORKSHOPS ; SPECIAL INTEREST ; OU backdrop for love: Schoolboy crush began 68 years ago ; MOTLEY FOOL U: Foolish Gifts ; life Edge: ON CAMPUS ; CONCERTS ; COMING SOON ; ARE YOU SCREAMING FOR A THIRD? ; Rules do not apply when dealing with trilogies Scott Foley ; Blood donation draws good feelings ; a print worthy Experience ; Dancin' all night long: Clubs; bars and musical venues are just a few of the things you can search through at Also listed is celebrity and music news; dance lingo; club offerings and so much more ; "Next Friday" falls short of last "Friday" ; "Magnified" and still looking good ; DSO brings the history of music; great performances ; Deciphering the ART of an era ; Hey; what are you looking at? ; For Your ENTERTAINMENT ; sports Edge: SCOREBOARD ; UPCOMING GAMES ; compassion friendship competition ; Women show the spirit of OU; reach out to mourning Kenyon swimmers ; Notre Dame swims past OU ; Super Bowl Monday; the newest National Holiday ; kicking punching into shape: Kick boxing popularity grows as recreation; self defense ; In the "Zeone" with Beth ; Player of the Week extra ; Mid-Continent Conference Standings ; Player of the Week



Commencement, North Central Association of Colleges and Schools, Oakland University. Senate, Oakland University Art Gallery