The Oakland Post 2015-11-11

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It's Ring Season ; this week ; PHOTO OF THE WEEK: INTERNATIONAL NIGHT FESTIVITIES ; POLL OF THE WEEK ; LAST WEEK'S POLL ; Perspectives As Black Friday nears; it might do more harm than good: Instead of spending time with family; many individuals look forward to sales ; Perspectives The Real Deal: How the United States demolished Haiti ; A quick look at how the U.S. took advantage of the small island nation ; An honest look at millennial students: Not lazy or entitled; but filled with self-doubt ; Perspectives LETTER TO THE EDITOR Why was the COO position kept from staff and students? ; LETTER TO THE EDITOR Grizzly kindness knows no bounds: Quidditch brings students together ; Campus New Era Detroit to come to OU: Community activist group to hold panel on social issues affecting metro Detroit ; POLICE: Underage drinking in Van Wagoner ; Campus Wellness Fair teaches students about healthy living: With over 100 Oakland University students in attendance; fair sees dramatic increase in attendance ; Campus Women in Leadership Panel: Students organize presentation; women share journeys to success ; Student Program Board to host 'Family Feud'-inspired event ; Campus Aspire to rise: Oakland's advertising budget: A breakdown of how advertising dollars are spent ; Red Cross; students come together to end hunger ; Campus Grizzlies on the Prowl "What is your opinion on the new chief operating officer?' ; To search or not to search: Examining the gray area ; Campus community questions process of creating; hiring new administrative position ; Putting it in perspective ; Faculty Search Process ; Understanding the conflict of interest policy ; Is the search really on? ; Campus Grumpy Grizzly Fridays: Athletic department encourages students to show school spirit ; Provost on Grammy ballot for guitar album ; Life DR. BALDWIN CHECKS INTO OU ; TIPS FOR VETERANS DAY ; Life Keeping stylish despite the cold: Tips for keeping warm and fashionable this winter ; AROUND ; Life Programs against sexual assault given funding: With 33 schools applying; only 22 secured grant money ; Puzzles ; the mix: 9 THINGS TO WISH FOR ON 11/11 ; YAKS of the WEEK: Yik Yak: The voice of the people ; TOP TUNES: WXOU albums of the week ; Sports Golden Grizzly for life: Former player stays home ; Amy Carlton eager to continue with basketball team ; THE SPORTING BLITZ: Men's Soccer ; Sports From Oklahoma City to Oakland ; One on one: Q&A with new men's basketball assistant coach Phelps ; Sports Grizz Gang hosts pep rally for upcoming season ; Hundreds of students fill bleachers; learn cheers; get hyped for basketball ; Sports Women's soccer scores first Horizon League championship: Golden Grizzlies to play Notre Dame in NCAA tournament



Activism, Oakland University. University Recreation and Well Being, Marketing, Hunger awareness, Conflict of interest, Oakland University. Board of Trustees, Fashion, Sexual assault awareness, Women's soccer, Regional championships