The Oakland Post 1987-10-26

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Oakland Sail, Inc.


Condom availability limited to Graham ; Plant lift ; Dow drop affects university pensions ; Charter board member tells of early days ; Take a deep breath ; Oakland maintains highest student to teacher ratio ; Government cracks down on loans ; NEWS BRIEFS ; Class add deadline may be cut ; 'Equus' requires nudity in scene ; 'Equus' actor views play as work of art; not pornography ; Graduate remembers OU years fondly ; Prof pay raise small compared to inflation ; Fortunes told ; Haunted house; parties planned for Halloween ; Group finds science fiction 'gaming' exciting pastime ; Students combine travel; studies ; On-campus jobs practical option for students ; Concern over Sexually Transmitted Diseases rises ; Weekend alternatives offered at Cranbrook ; Popcorn sale ; What's Happening ; Predictable film lacks excitement ; In His Own Words Joe Burley Blade Runner ; Rating System ; Short Circuit ; Soccer team loses close game; Al Stewart ejected for fighting ; Northwood Institute falls to Pioneers Spikers get ready for conference matches ; School staffer runs in marathon ; 'Old' swimmers return outswim Pioneer tankers ; Burley just misses first place at U of D ; Netters clobber Hillsdale; begin GLIAC tournament ; Soccer club disqualified from OSU tournament.



Graham Health Center, Condoms, Dow Jones industrial average, Student to teacher ratio, Student loans, Dungeons and Dragons, Study abroad program, On-campus jobs, Sexually transmitted diseases, Cranbrook Institute of Science, Student employment