The Oakland Observer 1966-04-01

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The Oakland Sail, Inc.


Librarian Attacked: IBM Scores at Kresge! ; FB Voted In ; Appleton Lessens Load for Charter ; Coup Conquers! ; UFO's Spotted on Campus; Saucer Mystery Solved! ; Chancellor Varner Quits! Charlie Brown Gets Post ; FBI Searches High - Low In Search of O.U. Provost ; Birth Control Pills Given to Students By Health Service ; Co-ed Floors For Dorm 7 ; Notices: Finals Cancelled! ; Stadium Plant Set ; Ball Bounces!! ; Loud Girls Needed ; National Ballet in Detroit; Washington Group Performs ; Chorus on Tour ; SACC Gives Vote: Referendum Submitted to Students Apr. 7-8 ; OU Students Protest ; Commuter Council On the Move; Officers Elected - Plans Drawn Up ; Uglies - Jell-O - Aid 1 Lifeline ; The Symphony is Back!! Contract Signed in Detroit ; Contuse Enters as Winter Bows Out ; The Big Issue: All Students to Benefit by Yes Vote ; Comment - Letters to the Editor: Catalogue ; Bad Think ; PDA Poem ; Happy Housing ; Mike Honey: Is It Freedom or Freedumb? ; Prominent OU Staff Members Have Their Say on Vietnam ; Spanish - French - Italian - German In European Summer Program ; Continuing Ed Holds Session ; Notices : Placement ; Seniors ; Employment ; Financial Aid ; Ball ; Bailer to Study in USSR ; Kellogg Gift ; Why Is It ; Canadian Dance Troupe Appears at Masonic ; Mike Honey: Speech Freedom Questioned



Humor, April Fools' Day, Student Academic Support Committee, Commuter Council, Detroit Symphony Orchestra, Vietnam War