The Oakland Post 2002-04-03

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Oakland Sail, Inc.


The EDGE ; IN THIS ISSUE ; One vote decides: Tomina new president ; Comcast; Aramark contracts pending: Cable deal reworked ; Female panelists shatter glass ceiling in workplace; discuss troubles they endured during rise to top ; Theatre running in deficit ; 'Clothesline' hangs healing tees ; Fifty-two countries represented at OU ; Give blood; give life ; Students spend day at Capitol ; CRIME WATCH ; Breaking silence: As a transfer student people are naturally interested in my past ; Area clergy address charges ; Tax tasks get technological tweak ; Meningitis a real threat to students ; McNamara Terminal receives mixed reactions ; Stupid stock tricks ; Editorial: Meadow Brook Theatre running on empty ; And the winner is ; Letters to the Editor ; Ph.D. student unhappy about lab hours ; Credit card Credit card debt can be a hard hill to climb alone: A lot more college students are signing their future away for a 3.5x2 inch piece of plastic. Too much credit card debt is a scary thing ; LEX ; The EDGE: SCORE BOARD ; UPCOMING GAMES ; OU athletics loses friend ; Softball shows slow progression ; Swimmer just short at NCAA tournament ; Dreams come true during March: Dreaming certainly is believing. Just ask college basketball players ; Horoscopes ; Club lacrosse overcome by Spartans ; Retirement ends with OU return ; Grizzlies drop four straight against hard-hitting Aggies ; MID-CONTINENT CONFERENCE STANDINGS ; GRIZZLY OF THE WEEK: ERICKA BURNS ; Student AFFAIRS: Updating OU ; The EDGE: ON CAMPUS ; Dark side of comedy ; Stars of "Death to Smoochy" talk leprechauns; porn; demonic trolls ; Williams against type as demented host ; Kitty takes stage by storm ; Foster defends own in 'Room' ; Student Picks ; MOVIE ONE-LINERS: Guess what movie each quote is from; then visit to see if you're right ; Credit card hassles: Most of us have been at the checkout line; reached into our pocket or purse to pull out our credit card and have found it missing ; Canadian filmmaker discusses silent movies; Kirsten Dunst movies; influences ; Visible Human brings fun; facts to Cranbrook ; WHAT'S GOIN' ON



Oakland University. Student Congress, Elections, Cable television, International students, Wibby, George, Obituaries