The Oakland Post 2006-09-20

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Oakland Sail, Inc.


WORLD NEWS Al-Qaida in Iraq warns pope that Islam will prevail ; OUSC plagued by no-shows ; Great expectations: Strong cast; Scorese makes for much anticipated film release ; Three OU grads land jobs; new editor at The Post ; Film festival returns ; OC PIZZAERIA OPENS ; OU gets 'Moodled' ; QUOTE OF THE DAY ; En guarde!: One brave reporter tries Dagorhir ; EDITORIAL Administration not to blame for new dance ; "Downsized Ford" ; QUOTE OF THE DAY ; GUEST COLUMNS Affirmative Action: The New Racism ; MCRI: The Good the Bad and the Ugly ; CORRECTIONS CORNER ; QUOTE OF THE MOMENT ; Students return after shooting ; Search for E. coli source ; What is: Fantasy Football? ; Rochester on $15.00 ; What the: The fashionable function of fabulous ; OU STUDENTS IN THE COMMUNITY Nightingale would be proud: Nursing students give Detroit residents a "hand-up" ; IN A NUTSHELL ; Late goal not enough ; WEEKLY ROUNDUP Cross country takes top five ; OU wins over rival ; OU SPORTS SHORTS



Religions, Oakland University. Student Congress, Technology, Distance learning, Student activities, Oakland University. School of Nursing, Habitat for Humanity