Neonatal Safe Sleep Compliance: Measurement of Education Literacy Levels

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Caregivers of neonates who have received care under the neonatal intensive care unit (NICU) undergo an education process with many considerations. A key part of every neonate’s care plan is safe sleep considerations. Although safe sleep is covered, rates of caregiver noncompliance exist. It is the nursing staff's role to educate on safe sleep practices with caregivers, including the use of resources like infographics and brochures. Educational resources vary in health literacy levels and can be written at a level above the average caregiver’s literacy level. This research project will measure the literacy level of safe sleep educational resources to determine whether or not a caregiver’s compliance is impacted. Thirteen educational handouts were run through six readability formulas to establish the corresponding literacy level. This study documents that the average safe sleep educational resource literacy level is below that of the average American literacy level thus literacy level is not identified as a cause of caregiver noncompliance. Further efforts to identify caregiver noncompliance are identified.



infant safe sleep, NICU education, Caregiver compliance, Health literacy levels