Future Directions for Interdisciplinary Effectiveness in Higher Education: A Delphi Study

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Association for Interdisciplinary Studies


This article discusses the findings of an empirical interdisciplinary research project the researcher conducted as the exit module for the completion of a Master of Arts degree in Interdisciplinary Studies at Texas State University. It is the culmination of a year and a half study which applied scientific research methods to establish key ideas on the future development of interdisciplinary studies programs. Specifically, the study addressed the question, “What changes in interdisciplinary studies programs need to take place over the next decade in order to better serve the needs of students whose academic goals are not adequately addressed by traditional discipline-based programs?” The study explored five areas of inquiry: curriculum, teaching, faculty development, administration, and program delivery. Each area of inquiry produced consensus on several ideas. This paper reports the results of the study and discusses its implications.




Welch III, J. "Future directions for interdisciplinary effectiveness in higher education: A Delphi study.”." Issues in Integrative Studies 21 (2003): 170-203.