The Oakland Post 1998-04-15

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Oakland Sail, Inc.


ASSISTANCE OFFERED ; ART WORKS ; LAST MINUTE VICTORY ; Andrews; Mahamwal win election ; Steinem addresses campus community ; Spring blossoms at OU ; Judge sentences Schultz on alcohol charges ; Animal activist to go on hunger strike ; CAMPUS NEWS CRIME WATCH ; Single parents offered financial aid ; Leadership positions include perks ; President reflects on successful year ; FEATURES Kiss me; I'm a Grizzly: 'The Art of Kissing' author gives live show ; EDITOR'S VIEW Tuning out 'radicals' only limits new ideas ; OPINION ; Letters to the Editor Fraternity member clarifies; publishers viewed as ignorant ; Post seen positive during controversy ; Angela Davis article brings out good; bad: Author has 'terrific eye; wonderful' ; Error reported ; Gallery features art from OU community ; Mistakes leave scars; but also leave wisdom ; Sure Thing OU EVENTS ; THEATRE ; FILM ; MUSIC ; Web addictions are sticky situations ; Play examines silent communication ; MUSIC TO YOUR EARS Group's new album looks at millenium ; SPORTS Major action in 7th; OU wins: Men's Baseball clench doubleheader in last minutes ; Golf takes seconds in spring tourneys: Women swing hard at Tri-State's Invite; team results make the athletes happy ; Men fall short of first away from home at last week's Findlay Invitational ; Caution: speed bumps ahead before the open road ; SPORTS CALENDAR ; Dancers kick-start new tradition: More financial support will accompany half-time performers in Division I ; Spotlight on the Black & Gold: TIM DAHLBERG MEN'S GOLF



Elections, Steinem, Gloria, Yourofsky, Gary, Animal activism, Financial aid, Leadership, Cane, William, Kissing, Internet, Golf, Men's baseball