The Oakland Post 1989-03-13



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Oakland Sail, Inc.


Charitable Barbara ; Housing rates increased by 6.5 percent ; Funds allocated for science building ; Physical therapy program expanded ; Hoop hysteria ; Asbestos found in library causes worker walk out ; Professors voice opinions about Salman Rushdie's life; literary future ; Master plan reviewed for board ; News Briefs Congress changes voting policy; modifies name ; College searches for new dean ; Dorm Notes Presentation on birth control scheduled ; Graduation discussion to be held ; Artists at Illinois protest sculpture on grounds of sexism ; In fashion ; Forensics team takes second in state contest ; Attention: NCA team ; Press gets carried away with ethics investigation ; Letter to the Editor Self-study requires better reading ; BLOOM COUNTY ; Junk love; go for lust ; The second coming: Play's second run early sellout ; Health center employee assists more than students ; What's Happening ; Students suffer most from family problems; psychologist says ; Femmes' fourth album back to roots ; Troupe to perform on campus ; Finally; justice for OU women ; When it rains; it pours ; What about the awards? ; What is it based on? ; St. Joe's drops women cagers ; Swimming teams second; third at nationals: Men: Dresbach; Woods; relay teams shine ; How they finished ; Women equal best finish ; Kampe's crew finishes third in GLIAC ; OU places seven on all-conference teams ; Student faces teacher once again at nationals



Asbestos, Housing rates, Physical therapy program, Science and technology center, Rushdie, Salman, Coppola, Carlo, Rahman, Munibur, Forensics, Graham Health Center, Solomon, Susan, Psychology, Men's swimming and diving