The Oakland Post 2008-03-19

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Oakland Sail, Inc.


Best of Metro Detroit ; THIS WEEK ; STAFF EDITORIAL Bleeding economy needs tourniquet; not bandage ; Iraq war closing in on 5 years ; OU elections deserve more coverage ; Stand by your man? ; Webmail headache addressed: Switching to Google Gmail could solve the problem of slow service ; Women's studies changes name; not program ; Medical school dean interviews finished; decision to come ; Leukemia claims life of Oakland senior ; CSA director selected for 'outstanding' service: Jean Ann Miller to receive award for advancement of women at OU ; POLICE FILES ; Discussing women in government: Lecture takes a look at female roles in party politics; federal appointments ; Michigan revote unlikely ; Kilpatrick rejects council vote ; Coffee shop sings its way into record book ; More donuts in Detroit ; Stolen stout returned ; MI employment looking up ; COLLEGIATE RECESS: Grown-ups can still enjoy childhood favorites ; No law degree required for 'Apollo Justice': REVIEW ; 'Float' with festive folks Flogging Molly ; Adapting 'God' to 'Men' ; Rounding up the Grizzlies: Oakland University basketball teams say goodbye to four seniors ; MEN'S BASKETBALL ; Aiki-jujutsu club is 'poetry in motion' ; WOMEN'S BASKETBALL ; ANALYSIS ; Cleaning up the mess of stress: Finding ways to combat the stress that many college students face ; JUST BREATHE ; The 'night' life: A glimpse into Nightwatch job ; School of the undecided arts: Students can find help when looking for a major ; Futuristic cruising: What do you think is the car of the future? ; Legendary Detroit: Who is your favorite Motown legend? ; Columnist caught with call girls: Adjunct writer plays a 'Spitzer' on the university ; Droopy drawers: Worse than starting wars? ; Dalai Lama calls for peaceful end ; NY Governor David Paterson admits to affairs ; Bush will intervene to 'stabilize economy'; if needed ; N W BRIEFS



Email (Webmail) problems, Oakland University. William Beaumont School of Medicine, Mansfield, Rebecca Lynn, Student deaths